Yacht Rigging Services

Meeting the highest industry standards

Yacht Rigging Services

Meeting the highest industry standards

Yacht Rigging Services

Meeting the highest industry standards

Professional Rigging Services

The sea with no restraints

Founded in 2011 by Tony & Leslie Hawker, Seahawke Rigging was built on a love of yachting. Tony, a renowned sailor and world class rigging services professional, has an obsessive eye for detail, and has always emphasized the uncompromising necessity of putting clients first, every time. Seahawke Rigging’s services span the world and have the ability to cater to clients in every major port.

Seahawke Rigging is led by exceptional individuals in keeping with the business philosophy that the quality of the work delivered is defined by the caliber of our team. We work diligently to conclude all projects on time and within budget. Simply stated, we believe the satisfaction of our customers lies in providing the highest quality rigging and yachting services available in the world!


Complete Mast and Boom,
Rigging and Installation Service.

Access Rail Systems

Seahawke Rigging offers Access Rail systems
so crews can have freedom of movement.

Standing Rigging

Rig re-fits, delivery and installation, inspections,
rig replacement, service and maintenance.

Custom Rope Work

We provide custom rope work for any
size vessel from day-sailers to superyachts.

Service Excellence

We provide sailboat rigging, yacht hardware and on-site hands-on, quality rigging services to mega yachts, sailing and racing vessels as well as yacht builders. We have worked on some of the world’s most advanced racing & motor yachts. Watch our video below to see us at work!

Completed Projects

Complete Mast, Rigging & Installation Services

We offer world class mast & rigging services. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver cutting-edge and superb rigging solutions, on time & within budget, every time.

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