Standing Rigging Services

Standing Rigging

Maintaining high standards when it comes to Standing Rigging is critical to the well-being of your yacht. All wire and rod should be checked periodically for loose strands and breaks along the entire length with specific attention to the end fittings. Attention should also be directed to any location where it comes in contact with other rigging. Each fitting should be inspected for wear and the assemblage should be replaced if there is a significant amount of damage or stress cracking, or if the fitting hole has become disfigured in some way.

Standing rigging is put to a test every day by just being on the water. Our objective is to make sure you can leave the dock with piece of mind knowing that your boat’s rig is ready to go. Rig re-fits, inspections, and rig replacement is how we can help you stay safe. From backstay levers to wire rope,rod we provide the products and services to keep the rig standing and to keep you and your crew safe.

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Standing Rigging Services

At SeaHawke Rigging we have the expertise to help solve problems and provide the standing rigging gear to make your sailing safe and more enjoyable.

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