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About Seahawke Rigging

SeaHawke Rigging is a full service rigging company dedicated to the needs of the superyacht community. We service and support all types of rigging, including rod and composite. Not only do we provide service to the premier sailing yachts, we have also become the contractor of choice for installing the Safety Rail/External Access Systems on the large Motoryachts.

SeaHawke Rigging offers additional services including custom fabrication and testing of lifting appliances for tenders, toys and vehicles. And, we custom fabricate extensive towing, dock and sailing lines, along with providing hydraulic service as needed.

Tony Hawker

Director & Co-Founder
with Leslie Hawker

Tony Hawker, director and co-founder of SeaHawke Rigging, is world renowned and highly respected due to his extensive racing experience and expertise with Superyacht Rigging.

Tony and his superb team at Seahawke Rigging travel worldwide and have a great understanding of the Superyacht rigs.

Seahawke Rigging, in partnership with Rybovich Boat Company, has performed mast and rigging services on many of Perini Navi’s sailing yachts, including Felicita West, Helios, Barracuda, Atmosphere, Antara, and Rosehearty’s sistership Asahi.

Tony possesses over 30 years of sailing and rigging experience, focusing on the superyacht industry.

As Project Manager, he has directed over 24 full refits from 30M to 56M. He has also serviced over 18 of the Perini Navi Fleet and is still actively racing onboard P-2.

Tony has worked for several of the premier Yacht Riggers including BSI Inc/Global Rigging Service, Inc. OYS Service, Inc. and Rigging Systems International.

In an attempt to expand BSI’s Service offering, Tony ventured into the Motoryacht industry establishing a reputation as a premier installer of the Safety Rail/External Access Systems.

At Seahawke Rigging, Tony and his team install such systems both as new installations and as replacements to meet CE certified requirements.

We’ll Make it Happen!

Co-located at the Rybovich Marine Center in West Palm Beach, FL, USA, SeaHawke Rigging is quickly becoming one of the premier international rigging companies, well known for their “Make It Happen” attitude.

Seahawke Rigging has assembled an amazing team of dedicated yachtsmen who have a wide range of skills.

This highly talented team can handle any situation, responding quickly to find solutions for the most urgent mast, rigging, and rope related concerns.

At Seahawke Rigging, we understand that our clients want the best possible service and that is exactly what we provide. And, we deliver those services on time and within within the budget.

Our clients expect the best and we want satisfied clients. This commitment, and the experience gained from years of working with large superyachts are why Seahawke Rigging is growing at such a rapid rate.

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