Access Rail System

Access Rail System

Seahawke Rigging offers Access Rail systems so crews of very large yachts can have a secure system to allow freedom of movement, and the ability to lock into position while working outboard along the hull. The Access Rail system is made up of two joined cars that allow the attachment of the personal suspension and the required fall-arrest systems.

Linked cars are constructed of strong, lightweight, one-piece solid aluminum. The pinstop is easy to release, and the car moves smoothly along the track before locking into another position. Wire retaining clips keep balls captive, making cars easy to load and maintain. Composite corner keepers help keep ball bearings captive when the car is off the track. Call us at (561) 779-5448 for more detailed information.

Seahawke Rigging is an authorized Harken and Ronstan access rail installer. We also offer inspections and load testing.

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