Inspection - Load Testing

Inspection – Load Testing


Having your rigging routinely inspected not only makes good sense, but is likely required for insurance purposes. A professional inspection by Seahawke Rigging can reveal problematic issues before they become critical. Inspections keep your mast and other spars intact, upright, and sturdy and allow you to stay ahead in the maintenance process. A Sea Hawke Rigging technician will carry out a full visual inspection of the mast, boom and associated hardware. We will provide recommendations detailing any problems and a description of the work necessary to correct any issues will be supplied to you. Call us to setup an appointment today. We’re here to help!


During an Annual Inspection, the mast is de-jacked to unload the rods and wherever possible, all rod heads and fittings are cleaned and re-lubricated. The mast is re-jacked and any necessary tuning is carried out. A full report will be prepared for the boat owner and if required, copied to the mast manufacturer.


Mega Yacht Load Testing is almost always required after servicing the hoisting and safety systems. It is of supreme importance to carry out the test properly and to the work level approaching the limits of its specifications. Safety is unconditionally of the highest importance when conducting Load Testing. Our testing services include: Means of Embarkation, Engine Room Overhead Crane/Rail Testing, Davit Testing, and Safety Access System Testing.

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